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Marionberry Cake Inspiration

Oh My! Who doesn't like marionberry in a cake? A little yellow cake for two with marionberry jam between the layers, Yummmm! I am so excited for all the fruits and berries getting ready to appear on their branches. This will be a fun year for experimenting with the delicious fruits to add to delicate cakes and pastries. My friends and family will be delighted at our get togethers to enjoy some of the new recipes I am inspired to make. For me, baking little cakes, or any other confections, add to the wonderful feeling of contentedness. Something that gave me that feeling recently was a phone call I received from a good friend I had lost touch with for many years. What a great surprise it was to hear her voice. She reminded me of how important it is to keep in touch with good and positive people and by surrounding yourself with those who inspire us to do the things we love. So I suddenly felt inspired to make a little yellow cake with marionberry jam. While I sit here, tasting my newest creation, I am feeling excited for my next inspiration!

Marionberry Jam Cake

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