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Spring is on the horizon!

Knowing that cold has a constant presence and even though the sun comes out, the chilly wind can chase you right back into the warmth of the house. I can't help feeling that in early March, spring will make it's way to the surface and begin the sprouting and flowering of all of the varieties of fruits, vegetables and the many beautiful flowers that adorn our streets, homes and businesses. That said, my approach to TableTop settings and food arrangements have evolved to a more subtle color palate. I love to start with a base color with crisp white table clothes or soft yellow clothes that will enhance the foods and other additions. I almost always utilize flowers to compliment the table and to create a welcome atmosphere to our visitors.

Anytime I can take the gathering outside, I like to take advantage of the colors available. For example, if little purple grape hyacinths are blooming, I add these to the floral arrangement and use other shades of purple and blues to create a springtime table setting.

I hope your approach to spring is full of inspiration to create good foods and and colorful tables.

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